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Chemical / Petrochemical

Reducing Leaks and EmissionsStandardising Fluid System Components on MegaprojectsBest Practices for Sampling Gases and Volatile Liquids

Reducing Leaks-01-1Standardising on Megaprojects-1Best Practices for Sampling Gases

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Minimise the Costs of Fugitive EmissionsHow to Reduce Your Maintenance Spend by Improving Gas Distribution-1


Oil and Gas


How Training Can Eliminate Risk on Oil and Gas PlatformsChoosing the Right Type of Pressure Regulator for Your ApplicationEnsuring Reliable Deepwater Well Operations with Custom Solutions

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Enhance Safety and Save with Optimised MaterialsOptimising Medium-Pressure Oil and Gas Assets With Compression Fittings



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Why Fast Support Matters for Semiconductor FabsSolving Semiconductor Fabrication Challenges with Insulated HosesImprove Semiconductor Yield with Optimised Alloys

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Building More Profitable Semiconductor FabsInnovation for the Next Generation of Semiconductor Manufacturing



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Optimising Hose Selection for Tire Curing PressesHydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Safety & ReliabilityOptimising Component Selection for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles


Specifying High Performance CNG_LNG FittingsSourcing High Quality CNG Fuel System Components