Meet the Team

We asked all our associates at Swagelok Bristol what they were most passionate about and what they wanted to help our customers achieve - and their responses speak volumes about the culture and the can-do attitude of our people.

People make a workplace - and the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team at Swagelok Bristol are second to none!


Simon Cooke

Managing Director

I am passionate about making a positive impact on our customers' businesses and working with them as a business partner.

Ph. 07968 195528



Tony Copley

Business Development Director

I want to ensure we achieve zero customer disappointment - not only for our customers, but for their customers as well - through a bespoke and tailored understanding of their pain points and customer concerns.

Ph. 07973 120656 



Jennifer Hall

Operations Manager

I am passionate about providing a compliant service from a 360 degree perspective ensuring all previous learning, current requests and future proofing is offered as standard.

Ph. 07970 742556



Rob Morris

Business Development Manager

I am passionate about problem solving through great customer service and innovative thinking, helping our customers achieve their goals while exceeding their expectations.

South Wales, Bristol & Gloucestershire

 Ph. 07976 810789  


Franks Headshot-1

Frank Parker

Business Development Manager

I am here to ensure that those using our products have a full understanding of how Swagelok Bristol can support them. From ordering, installation and maintenance through to training. 

Cornwall, Devon, Somerset

Ph. 07762 891840 



Lorna Hicks

Marketing and Communications Manager

Providing the information, support and service our customers need to achieve their KPIs and goals, and having a valuable impact on their business is what excites me about working at Swagelok Bristol.

Cornwall, Devon & Somerset 

Ph. 07980 305511 



Luke Harvey

Business Development Manager

I aim to forge strong, mutually beneficial relationships and achieve long-term success within the local industries we serve. I believe our world class products, tailored services and innovative thinking provide real value and impact to our customers.

Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire

Ph. 07912 482003 



Paul Kennedy

Business Analyst

I am passionate about precision and helping our customers understand what we can do for them.

Ph. 01454 284455



Alex Chu

Technical Manager

I am passionate about innovation and change - this could mean providing our customers with new knowledge to enable change, using the best available technology and or best practices to help improve application design and modifications.

Ph. 07515 060698 



Micheal Variava

Custom Solutions Estimating Engineer

I want to help our customer's achieve peace of mind knowing we've considered not only what they want but understand what they need in the systems we supply.

Ph. 01454 284455 


Will Spriggs

Field Engineer

I am passionate about delivering on time to the highest possible quality, helping our customers achieve stable and safe operating conditions and increased technical expertise.

Ph. 07712 522079 



Racheal Kayser

Customer Service Supervisor

I always intend to offer the best possible customer service by going above and beyond to meet our customers needs and genuinely making a difference.

Ph. 01454 284455



Joanne Pratt

Customer Service Representative

I am passionate about helping our customers achieve a great working relationship with all at Swagelok Bristol to ensure their goals are realised.

Ph. 01454 284455



Kimberley Cruickshank

Customer Service Representative

I am passionate about always providing excellent customer service and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Ph. 01454 284455



Rachael Groves

Internal Technical Support

Helping our customers find the right solution for their application is critical and I support our customers to achieve their desired results.

Ph. 01454 284455



Kirsty Feltham

Customer Service Representative

I am passionate about meeting our customers' high expectations and helping them achieve their objectives in an efficient manner.

Ph. 01454 284455



Matthew Jones

Customer Service Representative

I want to ensure that I have the tools to ensure customer expectations are met and that they are speaking to the right person to support their enquiry.

Ph. 01454 284455



Colin Purnell

Custom Solutions & Logistics Manager

I am passionate about growing our Custom Solutions production offering and make Swagelok Bristol a world leader in delivering products to our customers that exceed their expectations.

Ph. 01454 284455 



Dominique Gordon

Dominique Gordon

Custom Solutions Support Engineer

I am passionate about delivering excellent custom solutions. Ensuring an analytical overview ensures we supply to the customers expectations. 



Chris Ambra

Custom Solutions Support Engineer

I am passionate about solving problems for customers and providing them with alternatives so they can meet their deadlines - and achieve perfection!

Ph. 01454 284455





Adam Mintern

Lead Fabricator

I am passionate about exceeding the customer's expectations on quality and on time delivery and helping our customers by overcoming engineering challenges.


Chris Carpenter

Apprentice Fabricator

I joined Swagelok Bristol as an apprentice in July 2019. I have always had an interest in Engineering and I am proud to be learning with Swagelok.


Alex Bond


I am passionate about delivering a quality product to the customer and ensuring it is right first time.


Ben Cannock


I am passionate about the quality of work I am producing on a daily basis and continually expanding my knowledge of teh company and it's products. 


Catherine Brown

Financial Contoller

I am passionate about contributing to making Swagelok Bristol and our customers successful through efficient commercial processes.

Ph. 01454 284455 


Marian Monteagudo

 Finance Assistant



Liam Wyber


I am passionate about safe systems and helping our customers receive our quality products on time.



Dylan Lane

Logistics Apprentice

I joined Swagelok in February 2019 as an apprentice. I wanted an opportunity to understand logistics in an engineering environment.


Adrian Majos


I am passionate about the innovation of our products and Swagelok Bristol helping our customers achieve their goals.