Orbital Welding

The process of orbital welding and the quality of the welds produced is only as straightforward and precise as the capabilities of the equipment being used - discover the tools available to you with the Swagelok M200 orbital welding system.


M200 Orbital Welding System

The M200 orbital welder has made the creation of an automatic welding programme straightforward thanks to the 'auto-create' function. Programmes can be quickly created through a series of dropdown menu items on the interface based on the years of existing knowledge in place from Swagelok engineers.

Various weld head sizing is available to the user - accommodating components from 1/16" to 4". Minimising the number of components required has been enabled thanks to a collet system that makes interchangeability straightforward.

Discover the full features of the M200 welding system below.

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Training is Key
The M200 welding equipment should be used by fully trained technicians. ensuring comprehensive understanding of the tools available and optimal safety for the end user of what's being manufactured.

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