Tube Fitting Essentials

System integrity and the minimisation of leakage risk is entirely dependent on the preparation quality and precision of the installer. Explore various aspects of installation and preparation of Swagelok tube fittings within the insights listed below.

Right first time installation is critical.


Tube Fitting Assembly

To perform the assembly of Swagelok tube fittings you will need two open-ended wrenches, the gap inspection gauge, tube cutter, deburring tool and a marker pen.

Correct and accurate installation will ensure of a leak-tight seal up to the pressure rating of tubing used. It's also important to note that the tube fittings are assembled ready for installation, there is no need to disassemble the fitting before hand. When inserting the tubing into the fitting, the tubing needs to be correctly 'bottomed' to ensure of a fully leak-tight seal that provides longevity. The exact tightness of the sealing nut is also key to providing a strong seal that is vibration resistant, whilst accurate and clinical preparation of the tubing is also vitally important to the performance of your fluid system - this can be explored further down this page.

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Right First Time
Incorrect assembly of the tube fitting can cause a seal to fail due to the ferrules being positioned incorrectly, identifying a wrongly assembled fitting is critical.

Overtightening of the fitting or incorrect usage of the gap inspection gauge gauge can have an impact on fluid system safety and the personnel operating, this is due to adjustment of the wall thickness of the tubing.


Using a Hand Tube Bender

To perform tube bending you will need a hand tube bender corresponding to the tubing size, tubing, marker pen and a protractor if required.

The minimum required wall thickness of 1/4" stainless-steel tubing is 0.71mm in order to ensure the material will not fail after bending and being installed into your fluid system. The hand tube bender is capable of creating bends up to 180 degrees in multiple directions.

In order to achieve consistent and accurate tube bends across varying distances and directions, there is a set of mathematical equations to successfully bend as required.

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Accurate Angles
Bending the tubing in the correct location along the tubing is critical to producing high-quality and consistent tube bends that ensure of fluid system longevity and preventing any unnecessary strain on tubing once installed.

Detailed information regarding conducting the most accurate tube bends is included within the Swagelok Tube Fitting course - this involves the mathematical equations and guidance required to achieve the highest quality bends every time.


Preparing Tube Ends

To ensure of the most consistent tube end preparation you will need a tube cutter, tube deburring tool, marker pen, tape measure and sufficient personal protective equipment.

As with ensuring the best possible preparation has taken place, identifying imperfections with tubing before preparation is critical as defects such as scratches or marks could affect the media within your fluid system. This is especially critical within industries such as semiconductor and healthcare, other precautious may also be required such as the use of a designated clean room facility.

Contaminated media within a fluid system can have serious detrimental affects on the final output of your media, or the final product that has been manufactured using the media, both resulting in financial impact.

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Prevent Contamination-1
Identifying and removing potential risks to your fluid system media through contamination is one of the main purposes of correct tubing preparation. The smallest defect could have a detrimental affect and being able to identify these issues can be safety-critical in various industries.

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