Valve Essentials

There are many minute details and differences when considering valve selection, all dependent on application and the media being used. Not only is the selection of valve critical, but correct, timely maintenance and rebuild is also going affect system performance and quality of the output product.

Suitable valve selection and adequate, thorough maintenance is vital in preventing contamination of media.


Check Valves - Cracking and Resealing Pressure

Selecting the correct spring when installing check valves is important when trying to achieve the desired cracking and resealing pressure for consistent maintenance of your fluid system. Incorrect selection will result in back-flow within your system, this can be a result of many variables including the temperature of media and/or environment as well as pressure and the design of the check valve.

Correct and comprehensive evaluation of your intended application should be conducted before the selection and installation of check valves into any fluid system.

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Maintaining Uptime
Incorrect installation or selection of check valves can result in a critical issue with your fluid system such as media debris getting lodged in the valve itself - preventing proper opening or closing and resulting in damage to other components such as pumps.


Selecting the Correct Needle Valve

There are generally two types of needle valves - general service valves and severe service valves.

Selection of needle valve type tends to reply on the precision of the regulation required, but especially the type of media that is going to be contained with the fluid system. Ultra-high purity applications will require needle valves which provide the lowest chance of media contamination, whilst dirtier media will require a valve that is less prone to damage in order to seal consistently.

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Correct Selection
Incorrect needle valve selection can result in severe consequences such as contamination of expensive media or damage to elements of your fluid system including the valves themselves.

Consequences such as down time can result in significant loss of revenue whilst these preventable issues are resolved.


Seat Diaphragm Valves - Seat Replacement (DPX and DFX)

The DPX and DFX valves are derivatives of the DP and DF seat diaphragm valves with easy and repeatable seat replacement without compromising on performance and quality of sealing.

In order to carry out the seat replacement, you will require a replacement DPX or DFX replacement seal kit and both the seat removal and installation tools.

The easy seat replacement enables further longevity of valves within your fluid system. Identifying when seats need to be replaced is a key consideration when integrating the DPX and DPF valves within your fluid system.

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Failure Prevention
Failure to timely identify and replace seats and diaphragms within the DPX and DPF valves can result in inconsistent sealing and inaccurate regulation.

Understanding how to identify when these elements require replacement is an important aspect of fluid system maintenance, ensuring expensive media can be controlled when required.

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